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Workout Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Thought I would share a workout with you today. This is a HIIT Lower Body Burn I wrote up for my workout today.

Set timer for 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for 24 rounds. (I recommend the Gym Boss or you can use an app on your phone) You will alternate a cardio move and a strength training move. Add weight to any of the strength training exercises to add intensity. I wrote in a brief description for some of the exercises that I thought some might not know what I Β am talking about lol I don’t always know what to call certain things πŸ™‚ My plan is to start doing some videos to go with some workouts…just have to get over my fear of doing it πŸ˜‰

1. High Knees
2. Squats (air squats or use weight)

3. High Knees
4. Hip/Leg Raises (right side) – lay on back, put left heel up on chair, medicine ball, bench etc. and raise right leg and hips off ground then lower. repeat.

5. High Knees
6. Hip/Leg Raises (left side)

7.High Knees
8. Step Ups (right leg) – step up onto a chair, bench etc. use weight to add intensity

9. Skaters
10. Step Ups (left leg)

11. Skaters
12. Walking Side to Side Squats – start in a chair squat pose then take two steps to the side still low in a squat position then back to the other side…stay low!

13. Skaters
14. Curtsey Lunges

15. Skaters
16. Plie Squats with Calf Raises

17. Log Jumps – jump side to side driving your knee up and over as if you are jumping sideways over a log
18. Single Leg Deadlift (right leg)

19. Log Jumps
20. Single Leg Deadlift (left leg)

21. Log Jumps
22. Chair Squat with Toe Taps – hold a chair squat position while alternating toe taps to the side.

23. Log Jumps
24. Side Lunges

Let me know what you think! Enjoy! πŸ™‚



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Bikini Competition Update…the Good and the Bad

Okay, yes its been awhile…like 5 months since my first competition! I’ve been a little “off” since then…I’ll get to that…

So I had a great time at the competition, I placed 5th in my class and I will be competing in several shows this spring.

photo 3Me and my trophy πŸ™‚

However, I will be prepping a little differently. When I prepped for this past one in June I was doing it with a group of about 50 women from a local gym. We were all put on the same diet…no matter what our weight was. I didn’t really need to lose weight, I needed to build muscle and lean out. Needless to say I lost too much weight…like sickly skinny by the end. Β I want to look healthy and strong. I know your supposed to be leaned out for competitions but I was told by many people in the industry that I was too thin come show time and that I would have placed higher if I wasn’t so thin. Now don’t get me wrong I was eating a lot, I was never starving but it just wasn’t the right diet for me. I peaked weeks before the competition. Oh and I lost my boobs! That was devastating lol! I mean there was nothing left to them! Thankfully they are back and better than ever now πŸ™‚

After the competition was over I had a really hard time with depression (still am sometimes) and just felt lost. No one seems to tell you about the post show blues but I now know many people get them. I also didn’t do a good job of dieting back up after the competition so I gained all of my weight back super fast, which wasn’t really a bad thing since I was too thin but it made me feel awful. I was embarrassed that I had been so disciplined for so long and did this competition and then was back where I started so soon after!

My whole system was messed up, I lost my period for several months and my hormones were all out of whack, I was an emotional roller coaster. I’ve never had great skin but the past several months my skin has been broken out soooo bad I barely leave the house…back to the depression. I’m actually having a procedure done next week that will hopefully help clear up my skin. Fingers crossed! I think my body was just put in shock between the strict diet all of a sudden, losing so much weight and then gaining it back quick.

My advice for someone who wants to compete would be to make sure you know what you are getting into both mentally and physically. Honestly its more mental. Β Hire someone to train you that is familiar with these competitions that will give you a tailored diet and workout plan. Everyones body is different. Be prepared for life after competition day. Diet back up!! Be prepared to possibly have the post comp blues…its normal and if you know ahead of time you will know better how to deal with it.

So right now I am working on building muscle on the off season and I have a coach that is tailoring everything for me. I’m excited to see the changes to come and can’t wait for the spring to step on stage again with a new and improved package! πŸ™‚ I now know what not to do and what to expect so I am hopeful for a better experience post show!

Heres a few pics from prep and the Competition…I believe my last post in April I left off with a progress pic from week 4.


1798647_297113710456189_7717479520725187234_nThis pic above is what I wish I brought to the stage…but I lost a lot of muscle and leaned out too much in the next week or so 😦


JS-Bonnie-1588 JS-Bonnie-1556 JS-Bonnie-1519

My boobs and butt disappeared!


IMG_4582Me, my mom and my daughter after the stage πŸ™‚


Training for my 1st Bikini Competition!

Yup! I’m training for my first Bikini Competition! I haven’t posted on here in awhile, this prep is like a full time job! I am going to do my best to post about the rest of my journey to the competition though…
I am competing with a group from a local gym in the INBF Classic on June 7th. Thats not too far away! yikes!! I am happy with my results so far but am excited to see the end result! πŸ™‚ I started training at 10 weeks out which is a pretty short amount of time to train!
I am really surprising myself at how disciplined I can be! I always considered myself someone with little or no will power especially with food! Since the day I committed to doing this I have stayed on track with my diet with no cheats at all! I think its the thought of being on stage in a bikini being judged that scares the crap out of me and makes me stay on track! I will say though that I do miss my wine!! I may need to have a glass before heading on stage just to get me out there lol!
I eat 6 meals a day that consist of lean protein and veggies. Its pretty strict with no snacking in-between meals (I’m the queen of snacking!) but I do have to say I have never felt better and I am very rarely hungry. Meal prep is time consuming but absolutely necessary to stay on track!
My workouts are going well, my boxing trainer is helping me with some heavy lifting and cardio is limited to brisk walking (i miss running!) Im really enjoying lifting and seeing the results! Its amazing to watch your body transform!! πŸ™‚

I am going to try to post at least once a week on here with my progress…only 5 more weeks!! Here are a few progress pics so far…


photo 3
My lovely comp shoes…hoping to not fall on my ass on stage in these! Practice practice practice! πŸ˜‰

photo 1 copy 3

Cant believe I am posting these…..I don’t think Ive ever posted a pic of my stomach, its my problem area…

photo 4

Getting better….

photo 5

Happy with the progress so far…

photo-53 copy 8

photo 1-2

Of course I had to make a tank! πŸ™‚

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