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My new adventure…I’m so excited!

I know I haven’t posted in awhile but I have a good reason…I was busy setting up my new business! I have started a woman’s fitness line of cute and sexy tanks with fitness motivational sayings. I will be adding other products too like sweatshirts and accessories. I’m so excited to get this rolling so check it out and please help me spread the word! Thank you!!

muscles and mascara


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My gym smells like wine…wine & a workout

Its a little distracting when your working out and all you can smell is the barrels of wine from the room next door….

My gym is in our garage and our wine making room is in the other side of the garage but there is a doorway that is open between the two rooms, and now my gym smells like sweet sweet wine…very distracting.

Here are a few pictures to follow up from my other post when we crushed the grapes, last weekend we pressed them. I needed to spend a little more time in the gym this week to make up for that day (had a little too much wine and food!)

IMG_6270 IMG_6301

IMG_6304 IMG_6306


IMG_6320 IMG_6318 IMG_6334

Working the press is quite the arm workout! Haha! Now we have to wait until April before we can even enjoy the fruits of our labor ( pun sorta intended!)

Now for my workout I did today…

Like I said I had to hit the gym a little harder this week so I did two Bodyrock workouts that you can find here…

Then I made up my own with the same format, 50 seconds work 10 seconds rest for 3 rounds.

~ Clean & press with  weighted barbell

~ Squats with weighted barbell

~ TRX abs

~ One leg burpees (alternating legs)

Today was one of those days that I think I could have stayed in the gym all day and worked out! I was feeling good!! Unfortunately I couldn’t because I had to get to work on my new business….that will be in a post soon!  😉

Time to make the wine!


Right?!?! Just say yes, yes Jackie it does.

We make our own wine every year, my very Italian grandfather taught us and we have kept the tradition going after he passed away. We do it the real way (not just with the juice) by crushing and pressing the grapes (no we don’t stomp on them with our feet!). We crushed them last weekend and this weekend we will be pressing them. So much fun! The pressing takes a lot longer than the crushing process so we always have a big crowd over to eat, drink and help if they want! This year we are making 180 gallons of wine. No, it is not just for me! We have a few others that are splitting it with us 🙂

I will post a few pics along the way just because its fun! Thats my daughter doing some crushing…gotta start them early! Making, not drinking!

IMG_6180 IMG_6195 IMG_6197556603_10201268478487155_1689476531_n IMG_62001209363_10201268574489555_179972829_n

We do of course have to drink while we do this process or else it wouldn’t come out right 😉

I know drinking is bad for you… but its just grapes!! Cheers!!

Garage Gym…

So yesterday my husband and I cleaned out our very old ( and messy) garage. That was a workout in itself especially right after boxing that morning! I’m so excited though,we are making it into a gym!! 🙂 It needs a little TLC but I think it’s going to be pretty awesome!


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